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FAKTORY is a brand dedicated to every person who wants to stand out in the crowd of current trend followers, who emphasise minimalism and neutral color block. The brand follows the seasons most daring trends and translates it into something wearable and comfortable yet. Within those boundaries, it achieves its goal of being unique and complex even though the shape of the clothing presents the basics of one’s needs. The mix and match of authentic prints, bright colors, words that spread our mission are key to our unique presentation.
FAKTORY Founder, Angela Pavlovic, who graduated from Istituto Marangoni Paris majoring in BA Fashion Business, brought this fresh and quite unusual idea to Serbian market just upon her studies. While attending the first year of university in Milan, Italy, and afterwards transferring to Paris, France to complete her studies, she has worked for many top fashion houses in both haute couture and ready-to-wear market. The idea of FAKTORY was born on streets of fashion capital, thanks to the feedback of Istituto Marangoni professors and colleagues from work. She was given the honour to deliver the speech in the name of the entire class of 2017 at the graduation ceremony in Paris.
Upon returning to Serbia, she has contacted Bosko Jakovljevic, one of the top Serbian designers who used to work for PWL, the fashion company Angela’s father founded in 1993. He understood the idea of new brand, and provided the additional concept to fulfill FAKTORY’s story. Since November 2017, FAKTORY under the direction of Angela and Bosko delivers its message to Serbians and other countries of ex Yugoslavia. The brand also deals with production (near-shoring) for other European brands with short lead team. We provide quality, high responsivity and offer service from pattern making, grading, to full production, embroidery, print and packaging. FAKTORY has already designed many uniforms for sport teams, optical houses, tourist agencies, hotels, restaurants, etc.